The simplest ways to motivate yourself

Motivation is like a psychological art

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2018)

So over the past 10+ years I have actually discovered some basic and wise techniques that work for me to get back into the right groove and to get things done.

Here are my preferred pointers and habits for doing simply that increasing motivation.


Simply get going and let the motivation catch up with you. You don’t need to wait for inspiration to get started. If you want to work in a constant method every day then sometimes you just have to get going anyway. And the funny thing is that after I have worked for a while things feel simpler and simpler and more enjoyable and the motivation overtakes me.


Start extremely small if huge leads you to putting things off. If a project or task feels too huge and intimidating do not let that lead you into procrastination. Rather, break it down into really little steps and then the larger leaps will automatically come. Because the most crucial thing is to simply get going and to develop momentum forward.

Get responsibility from individuals in your life. Inform your buddies what you will do on social media, via phone or in real life. Ask one or more of them to frequently look into you and your progress. By doing this you’ll be a lot less most likely to attempt to weasel out of things or quit at the very first challenge.

Get motivation from individuals in your life. Spend less time with unfavorable individuals who always look at the dark or apathetic side of things. And invest more of the time you have now freed up with enthusiastic or motivated individuals and let their energy circulate over to you.

Get the inspiration from people you do not know. Don’t restrict yourself to simply the motivation you can obtain from the people closest you. There is a ton of encouraging books, podcasts, blogs and success stories out there that you can use to up or renew your motivation.

Play music that offers you energy. Among the easiest things I do when I feel low in energy or motivation is to play music that is upbeat and/or inspires me in some way. A break with a few tunes or working while paying attention to them for a while typically works well.



Respect yourself when you stumble. It’s so easy to fall under the trap of beating yourself when you stumble or stop working. However that don’t work that well in my experience. You just feel even worse and less inspired. So attempt this the next time: respect yourself, nudge yourself back on the course you were on and take one little step forward.

Be positive about the failures. To make your setbacks more valuable and less hurtful be constructive about them. When you stumble ask yourself: exactly what is 1 thing I can gain from this problem? Then keep that lesson in mind and take action on it to enhance exactly what you do.

Compare yourself to before and see how far you have come. Instead of deflating yourself and your motivation by comparing yourself to others who are up until now ahead of you.

Contend in a friendly way. When you’re in school or at work make it a friendly competition with a good friend to for example complete a boring or regular task first. Just that element of competition has the tendency to liven things up. And if you wish to you can likewise add a little prize for additional inspiration, like the winner getting a complimentary ice cream or a beer from the other person.

Advise yourself of why you are working toward this. When you’re feeling unmotivated and low in energy it is simple to forget why you’re doing something. So take 2 minutes and write down your top 3 factors for doing this work, getting an education, working out, saving that money or something else. Put that note where you can see it every day or keep it in your smartphone for easy gain access to when you require an inspirational increase.

Remind yourself of exactly what you’re moving far from. You can also encourage yourself to get going once again by taking a look at the unfavorable impact of remaining on your present path. Ask yourself: Exactly what will the consequences be if I advance this path for 1 more year? And if I do if for 5 more years? I have actually found that this exercise has actually offered me the kick-start I required sometimes in the previous years.



Be grateful for what you got. When motivation is running low then it’s easy to begin seeing your life and the elements of it through a negative lens. To put your focus on exactly what you still have and who you are– and to recharge with positivity and motivation — ask yourself a question like: What are 3 things I sometimes take for given but can be grateful for in my life? My answers would, for instance, be a roof over my head, clean water and not needing to go starving.

Mix things up. A rut will kill inspiration. So blend things up. Make a competition out of a job with yourself or with another person. When you work out exactly what you do rather of going through the movements. Pay attention to music and podcasts that you normally don’t pay attention to. New input and variation tends to be a great way to keep the inspiration up (or to charge it).

Declutter your work space. Take a number of minutes to clean it up. I discover that having an uncluttered and minimalistic workspace helps me to think more clearly and I feel more focused and ready to tackle the next task (or small action).

Don’t forget about the breaks. Few things can in my experience drain the daily inspiration like simply working non-stop. Instead, work for 45 minutes each hour and use the rest for a break where you eat snack, got out for some fresh air or do a bit of extending. You’ll– maybe rather counter-intuitively– get more performed in a day and week and do work of higher quality because your energy, focus and motivation will merely last longer.

Change your objective size. If a huge objective in your life feels overwhelming set a smaller sized objective to find your inspiration once again. And if a smaller sized goal does not appear inspiring aim to intend higher and make it bigger goal and see how that affects your motivation.

Workout. Working out doesn’t just impact your body. I find that just 20-30 minutes of raising free weights releases inner stress and tension and makes me feel more focused and determined once again.

Take 2 minutes to recall at your successes. Close your eyes and let the memories of your biggest successes– no matter in exactly what part of your life– wash over you. Let those most favorable memories enhance your motivation.

Do a bit of research study prior to you starting. Learning from people who have actually gone where you wish to go and done exactly what you want to do can help you to avoid mistakes. And to provide you a reasonable time-table for success. This is important to not get demotivated when things aren’t taking place as quick you had actually wished.

Take a 2 minute meditation break. This is something I have actually just provided for the previous few months. When my mind is a bit tired or possibly even overloaded my energy and inspiration decreases. So in the afternoons– or when needed– I have the tendency to sit down with closed eyes and just focus on my breathing for 2 minutes. This clears my mind and launches inner tensions.

Head out in nature. Few things offer me as much new energy and motivation to take on life as this does. So I often go out for a walk in the woods or by the sea and I’m just there in the moment with the nature, the fresh air and I don’t consider anything special.


Last thing you can do is call a motivation coach



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