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Cleargard Car Bra Specialists
(Last Updated On: April 23, 2018)

We’ve all had this issue, we get a new car and overtime we accumulate scratches and damage from things that are beyond our control. Things like bugs, flying debris, objects jumping up from the road, other vehicles, people walking to close and scratching with there belt or jacket. It is numerous the many things that can cause damage to our vehicle.

But there is a solution to these things and its been out for quite a while. Its called paint protection film, invisible car bra or clear bra.

The leading manufacturer of this type of film is 3M which is globally known for its tape and other adhesive solutions for most of daily lifes needs.

But this particular film is specifically for vehicles. The film comes as stand alone or in a pre cut template for any make and model vehicle. This allows for easy application to any vehicle as cutting the film to shape may prove difficult.

These precut film sets come as a DIY package but you can also call upon a specialist to apply it perfectly for you to your vehicle.

There is a large call for these types of films in Australia and is starting to become a common thing to place the invisible car bra to the vehicle when the customer buys there new car if they wish to protect there existing vehicle.

The Film can be applied to all aspects of the vehicle be it the front of the car, the bumper, door sills, door edges, around the car mirrors, the bonnet and more..

There are a few leading sellers and installers of the clear bra in Australia which have designed there own version of the invisible clear bra and they are situated in Melbourne. For people living close by they can pop into the shop and get there clear bra fitted , other customers can order there DIY kit off there online store.

Paint protection film kits are also fitted to nascar race cars to protect them from damage on the road and to sustain the paint work.




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