Some pool care tips you have never thought about before

Here is some unusal pool care tips that you can try

Swimming pool care
(Last Updated On: April 4, 2018)

Many pools require the same maintenance schedule, and as long as a pool owner completes the routine jobs required of upkeep such as chemical care and cleansing, it’s simple to keep a swimming pool in clear condition all summer long. There are a number of “uncommon” additional activities you can utilize to save you time, effort, and cash in the long run leading to an even cleaner pool. Have a look at these special pool care tips and see if they inspire you with other out of the box ideas.

1. Buy some baking soda

Stores that sell swimming pool cleaner will typically provide something called an “Alkalinity Increaser,” which is a simple choice for keeping the pH levels in a swimming pool. Buying some low-cost baking soda from the store accomplishes the very same goal yet provides for much less money. An Internet search will inform you how much sodium bicarbonate you will require for a pool your size.

2. Toss in a tennis ball

Suntan cream and sun block typically end up in the swimming pool after they’re used to a swimmer, and these substances can make the pool dirty quite rapidly. Tossing a basic tennis ball into the swimming pool to drift for a while will suck up all those additional oils and chemicals that do not belong in the pool. It’s great to leave the tennis ball drifting in the swimming pool at all times.

3. Cleaning the tile line

Residue, dirt, and pollutants form over time and stick along the water line and tile location. Cleaning this location on a weekly basis should decrease the rate at which the pool gets cloudy and unclean since the residue on the tile does not get washed into the swimming pool. Weekly cleansing of this location likewise lowers calcium buildup. It’s likewise a good idea to clean up the cement or walkways around the swimming pool area to reduce the transfer of dirt and grime into the water.

4. Keep pets out

Canines often enjoy to jump in after their owners and mess around in the swimming pool, however chlorine isn’t really good for canine companions. Not just will the swimming pool irritate Fido’s skin, but the swimming pool will get dirtier and hairier faster. Staying up to date with pet hair in the filters might end up being a full-time job in the summer season with canines in the swimming pool If the household simply cannot stand to let the canine wait out the enjoyable on the sidelines, the chlorine levels have to be kept below 3.0 PPM for safety.

5. Keep a cool swimming pool.

Pools cost energy to run and maintain, and keeping a swimming pool above 82 degrees might offer a house owner a much higher electrical energy bill. Rather of keeping the temperature level so high, it’s cheaper to keep a solar cover on the water. There are likewise alternatives for solar-powered swimming pool heating units, which will likewise save energy.

6. Track water usage with a bucket

Although ecological aspects such as humidity and temperature will impact the rate at which the pool loses water, the average water loss shouldn’t be far more than a quarter of an inch each day. Measuring water loss is most convenient by positioning a weighted pail on the stairs and marking the water level on the side of the container. Big drops in water levels may signal a leakage in the swimming pool.

Utilizing these simple and special swimming pool maintenance ideas permits a swimming pool owner to have a cleaner pool each summer season, which needs less upkeep and time invested putting chemicals into the water. A tidy and clear pool likewise uses a much more satisfying swimming experience for the household. A well-kept, routinely serviced pool will save you a loan in the long run.


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