When is the best time to start swimming lessons for kids at a swim school?

Swimming schools are great to teach our kids how to swim

Swimming in the sea
(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Its very important to teach our kids to swim at a young age especially if living in Australia as the majority of people live around the coastlines and because of the heat temperatures that Australia can reach it is very common for everyone to go swimming.

We can teach our kids in person or we can take them to a swimming school to teach them all the best methods on how to swim.

They can start at really young ages even when they are still a toddler.

Swimming is not only important just for exercise and recreation but it is an important first start so in the future it can save there life or can be a sports push in which they can do water-sports like surfing or canoeing. If someone is in trouble in the water they can also provide lifesaving and much more.


What are the actual ages that kids usually start swimming?

Many swimming centers provide lessons to toddlers at the age of 6 months and up to the age of 3 years. In this stage the parents can swim with the child so the child feels secure.

This stage aims at generating confidence in the water, mobility and general safety in the water.

When the child is over the age of 3 years they can start to become independent and swim by themselves. The teacher will give them instructions and they can follow.

Things that are focused on are; kicking, breast stroke and breathing. Holding there breath underwater.

The benefits of using a swimming school is that the children get to swim with other kids that are also learning how to swim so they feel more secure with more sense of fun.

The swimming teachers will also know the best way on how to teach the kids and instruct them in the best way for them.



The teachers will generally have many years experience in the water and in teaching in general. They will have all the tools and playthings necessary to teach the children and provide fun during there learning to divert there attention from the apparent dangers of swimming.

The kids will learn to dive deep underwater, to hold there breath for large amounts at a time, learn different swimming methods, to tread water, to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool and much more.

This can be taught to our kids in person if we have a swimming pool and we have experience in swimming but we can forget the most important things in swimming and so its always good to take our children to swimming classes.




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