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July 22, 2014

Buenos Aires Galería UNION Exhibiton


We first got introduced to the Buenos Aires art scene back in 2010 when we attended arteBA, their annual and largest art exhibition and event in South America and during our trip, we visited the town of San Telmo and met and fell in love with some very interested human beings, hence why the city has become one of our Chief Creative Officer’s favorite cities.


The art scene in Buenos Aires has welcomed a new addition to its ranks in the shape of Galería UNION, an exhibition and project space opened by the graffitimundo art organization in a renovated period building (including stained glass skylight) in the San Telmo district. The current featured exhibition is La Lluvia (The Rain) by Cabaio, an artist who made his mark with social and political commentary as part of the charmingly-named stencil collective Vomito Attack, before moving into solo work and a creative partnership with Brazilian Clara Domingas under the Chen-Chen moniker. Cabaio builds up his kaleidoscopic work through many layers of repeating stencils; warning signs, numbers and messages bombard the viewer, with themes of socialism, consumerism and youth culture vying for attention. La Lluvia will run until 28 August.

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Meet The World’s First Ever Dessert Hotel – Melbourne’s Adelphi Hotel


Coming back with vengeance was the mission after being rescued by Melbourne’s hospitality Icon Hotels Group, visitors to Adelphi Hotel can forget all other senses and focus on your taste buds because you’ll be transported into the world’s first ever dessert hotel. Let’s start with the cookie dough scent that fills the lobby, jars of sweets at the check-in desk encroach your space, Liquorice Allsorts-inspired zig-zagged carpets clobber your ocular senses. The theme is taking no prisoners. Upon arrival, you’re handed a red-striped straw and a dessert spoons as we head to our room. Once alone we find more jars: popcorn, candy floss, jellybeans – replenished each morning… two pastel macaroons are delivered with turndown service.

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Ganbei Kitchen in Bandung, Indonesia


There’s very little that can go wrong with Asian cuisine… well maybe there is just something, but that thing doesn’t exist within the next few sentences. Meaning “dry glass” in one of the Chinese dialects, comes the promising restaurant worth checking out in the Indonesian city of Bandung.

Design firm Bitte Studio set the tone on the walk into the venue with the Chinese characters painted onto the parquet brick path, and one is further clued in to the restaurant’s theme by the terrific wall mural at reception – the background looks like Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, but if it was a Vietnamese scene, the girl would be on a motorbike not a bicycle, so I’m sticking with China. Vietnam does feature in the menu though, alongside regional Chinese, Thai and Singaporean dishes. A boozy corner reflects the Gan Bei name, decorated with a bevy of Asian beer labels – still got a few of those to tick off the list.

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July 21, 2014

Film Review: Magic in the Moonlight

by Daniel Quitério

Colin Firth and Emma Stone in MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (photo by Jack English, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics. © 2014 Gravier Productions. All rights reserved.)

Exotic locations. Defined characters. Sharp wit. It’s what you come to expect from the venerable, and oh so prolific Woody Allen. And it’s what you’ll come to find in his latest offering, Magic in the Moonlight. In short, if you hate Woody Allen, you’ll hate this film. But on the other hand, if you love this cinematic mastermind, you’ll be as enamored and enchanted by Magic as this reviewer was.

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posted by: Daniel Quitério
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July 18, 2014

World’s Largest Indoor Farm Switches On in Japan


With the world’s latest weather conditions that have put a damper on certain modern agriculture conditions – with all of our high-tech farming toys, all it takes is a bad drought, a freak storm, or an outbreak of particularly resilient vermin to destroy an entire harvest. It’s happened before in our long history, and modern farming equipment – while it’s done a great deal to mitigate the problem – hasn’t removed it entirely. Now, one Japanese plant physiologist claims he’s found a solution to the weather problem – and possibly world hunger, as well. He’s opened the world’s largest indoor farm.

Working out of a former Sony Corporation semiconductor factory in the earthquake-damaged Eastern Japan, Shigeharu Shimamura has created this massive farm; he’s designed what basically amounts to a food factory. Using eighteen cultivation racks – each one about 15 levels high – the farm is equipped with specialized LED fixtures developed by GE, which emit wavelengths optimal for plant growth. Factor in some powerful hydroponics and the ability to easily control temperature, humidity, and irrigation, and you’ve got an impressive feat of engineering. It spans the size of an entire football field, making it the world’s largest indoor farm to date.

It gets better, too. The farm – which just opened this month – uses only 1% of the water required by outdoor fields, and cuts the amount of produce discarded from the 50% regularly tossed by traditional farms down to a paltry 10%. Shimamura’s brainchild is already producing 10,000 heads of lettuce per day, and will very likely increase that number in the near future.

Get a few of these operational, and you’d be able to feed a city. Get enough of them up and running, and you might well be able to feed the world. That’s the idea, anyway – Shimamura’s company Mirai is already hard at work establishing “plant factories” in Hong Kong and the Far East of Russia.

“Finally,” says Shimamura, “we are about to start the real agricultural revolution.”

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Beats by Dre Designers Create Handcrafted Luxury Surfboards


Developed as a series of special collaborations for Octovo, Ammunition, the design firm responsible for products at square and Beats by Dre, worked alongside master surfboard builder Jason Tilley to design and build a limited collection of boards and custom tailored carrying bags. The series includes five individual board shapes built using Tilley’s method of combining custom milled wooden skins and components with hand-shaped foam.


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July 17, 2014

Ferrari Designer’s Luxury Cruise Trains Coming to Japan


Looks like the golden age of railways is about to make an explosive comeback over in Japan. It’s a well-known fact that the island nation has an extremely extensive railway system, and that it privatized these railways back in the 1980s. Since then, we’ve seen a veritable explosion of designer trains hitting the market – and today, we’ve seen what might well be their pinnacle. Created by former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama and dubbed the “cruise train” by JR East.

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July 16, 2014

Abandoned World Cup Stadiums to Housing of the Future?


Football stadiums and other sporting areas have been proven to have little to no long-term economic benefits, which is troubling when you consider the fact Brazil spent $3.6 billion on this year’s World Cup venues. Instead of letting them lie empty, two architects have proposed converting the stadiums into blocks of affordable housing. It’s called Casa Futebol, and while the idea might seem improbable, it raises important questions about why host countries are forced to spent so much money on single-use architectural projects that could be put to better use elsewhere.

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Louis Vuitton SERIES 1 Fashion Campaign shot by Bruce Weber


The third video from the “Series 1″ Louis Vuitton Fashion Campaign, the first campaign from Nicolas Ghesquière, with Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber.

This advertising campaign is presented as a hybrid trilogy of the combined visions of Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber. They are photographers, artists, undoubtedly commentators on modern times, each given this vast arena by Nicolas Ghesquière to interpret not only his fashion collection but also his idea of fashion… contemporary fashion. Here, Bruce Weber expresses his vision in ‘Beautiful Strangers.’

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Limité Must-See: Another Earth (2011)

by Daniel Quitério

Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight. © 2011. All rights reserved.

This is the one movie from the past three years that I’m still tweeting about. It’s rare these days that a film comes along and etches its mark in your mind quite the way Another Earth did to me. Stitched together using bubble gum and string (and green fabric and googly eyes—really), this super low-budget indie darling launched the careers of star and co-writer Brit Marling (Arbitrage, 2012) and writer/director Mike Cahill (I Origins, 2014). Believing that it would be near impossible for two unknowns to attract funding in order to make their film, Cahill and Marling took matters into their own hands. The two Georgetown alumni shot the film in Southern Connecticut with a tiny crew, ultimately earning it a place in Sundance’s 2011 official selection, where it won a Special Jury Prize and the Alfred P. Sloan Prize, which is awarded to a film that focuses on science or technology as a theme. It was distributed later that year by Fox Searchlight.

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posted by: Daniel Quitério
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