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April 8, 2014

Publish Brand Spring 2014 “Good Fellers” Pt.2


Our friends over at Publish Brand present their second releases into their Spring 2014 releases entitled “Good Fellers”. The collection highlights items from head to toe that the modern man should have in his wardrobe.  A few highlights include the Colinson, which is a hybrid between a sweat pant and the Publish Brand Jogger Pant. The Colinson is a comfortable, lightweight fleece slouch style pant and features a large front kangaroo pocket.

One elements to take notice, is the consistency of their custom snake print which is seen all throughout the “Good Fellers” release. The Prey is a M-65 style jacket, where custom snake is applied to the upper portion to give a classic piece a really unique twist. The Decarlo is a made in USA, 5-panel strap back hat with sublimated multi-color squares.

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Nike Free 10th Anniversary: Tobie Hatfield on Listening to the Athletes (and Looking to the Kitchen) for Inspiration


There’s a good chance that even those of you who aren’t runners are familiar with Nike Free footwear, whether you wear them for other sports or training or as a go-to sneaker for your day-to-day activities. While Tobie Hatfield (Tinker’s brother, for the uninitiated) had originally designed the articulated midsole based on the biomechanics of barefoot running, the shoes have been adapted for (and adopted by) anyone who spends time on their feet—in keeping with the Nike credo “if you have a body, then you’re an athlete”—which is to say, everyone.

Of course, the concept of Natural Motion is a natural extension (so to speak) of Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman’s seminal insight into performance footwear: that it should “provide protection and traction but minimal weight and zero distraction.” Like most any design challenge, it’s easier said than done: For more on the history and background of the Free—now in its tenth year, Nike recently unveiled the 2014 Collection—we had the chance to chat with Hatfield, Director of Athlete Innovations, on his personal journey, the inspiration behind the Free and what the future holds for Nike.

Let’s start with a bit of your background—tell me a little bit about yourself and how you ended up at Nike.

Tobie Hatfield: Sure—I was a track athlete, grew up in the state of Oregon and knew Coach Bill Bowerman (I didn’t know Phil Knight when he was an athlete). When I was a senior in high school, he actually made me my first pair of custom-made track spikes. At first, he X-rayed my feet to actually find out where my bony prominences are, underneath my foot, so he could re-drill the holes and put the spikes in the proper places just for my foot. Little did I know, at that time, he was already starting to teach me about innovation—about working with an athlete, listening to an athlete…

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Maison Kitsune Unveils Its Sakura Capsule Collection


It all starts at the beginning of Spring with a picnic to admire the blossoming cherry trees, known as Hanami.This is one the most important times of the year in Japan and refers to the blooming of cherry blossoms, called Sakura – and the ephemeral beauty of flowers.

Inspired by this tradition, the founders and artistic directors of Maison Kitsuné, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki have introduced a new capsule collection to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their boutiques in Tokyo. This unisex collection includes a short sleeve sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a shopping bag and an iPhone case, featuring a delicate cherry blossom print in blue and pink pastels.

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A Before and After Look at Gentrified NYC


You can’t move forward without taking stock of the past. That’s how New York City has created its signature mixture of progress and historical preservation, continually putting its best foot forward – all the better to remain a competitor in the global scene – but not without an eye toward the loss that both people and neighborhoods have endured in the churn of storefronts and living spaces. Photographers James and Karla Murray prophetically decided ten years ago to focus their eye on mom-and-pop stores, and recently they followed up by photographing those spaces again. The results are dismal for those favoring a varied streetscape, with all its attendant tourism and economic benefits: chain stores like Chase Bank and Duane Reade have replaced many of the spots that caught the photographers’ attention years ago.

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Pepsi’s 2014 World Cup Ad Lets Viewers Decide on Plot


With the World Cup fast approaching, many people around the world are focused on football- a fact Pepsi integrated into their groundbreaking interactive video ‘Now Is What You Make It,’ released last week.

‘Now Is What You Make It’ unites the football and music worlds in a choose-your-own-adventure video. The video begins with digital beat star Stony walking through the streets of Rio creating a song. He runs into pop singer Janelle Monáe and the 2014 Pepsi MAX all-star football lineup, who all add a different take to the song.

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Introducing Burberry’s SS2014 Trench Eyewear Collection

Burberry has announced a new collection of sunglasses and opticals inspired by the iconic Burberry coat. The collection features a signature trench color palette of honey, stone and black in acetate, smooth leather, metal and enamel. The distinctive check design, taken from the coat’s lining, appears as engraved and enamel painted details on nose pads and temples.

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April 3, 2014

Denham To Collaborate With Converse On Jack Purcell’s


The Converse Jack Purcell x Denham sneaker’s classic canvas upper is the textural complement to thoughtfully crafted denim. The clean white midsole is offset by a solid black toe, while the outsole is enhanced by an embossed leather Jack Purcell outsole logo, inspired by the leather patches sewn on the waistband of a great pair of jeans. A contrasting top eyelet brings to mind a pocket rivet; the kind of detailing that draws in a more discerning eye. Denham’s own nod to the famed Jack Purcell toecap is seen on the heel, where their illustrative scissor logo is reconfigured to make the cutting shears “smile.”

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“Less Complexity” – Art On Wheels – Kreepz Kustom Cycles Designs for Alfex


His name is Emmanuel Schafer. He is 40 years old and lives in Fribourg (CH). He has turned his hobby into a profession. On request, the Swiss artist builds cycles for an exclusive circle of clients. Cycles from the House of Kreepz are works of art, tailored to the wishes of the future owner. Schafer does not like unnecessary flourishes: “I mainly build fixies and single speed bikes – complex gearshifts and other options are obsolete here” he explains. Single speed bicycles do not have a gearshift. Sometimes the cycle cannot even free wheel in which case it is said to have a rigid gear. In every day parlance, this is often referred to familiarly as a fixie. Some fixies even do without brakes. To slow down you have to back pedal.

Mäno, as Schafer is known on the biking scene, built a fixie for fun back in 2007. “The cycle stood in my studio and suddenly everyone wanted a bike like that”, the man who remains permanently true to his Fribourg origins explains. Under the Kreepz Kustom Cycles label, Emmanuel has since been making and distributing cycles all over Europe. “Already when I was a little child I played around with my BMX wheels and later as a teenager I converted mopeds. At the time I could never have imagined that one day I could earn money with my hobby”.

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10 Life Lessons (and One Honorable Mention) Taught by HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

by Joy Ganes

And so it ends—nine years of laughter, dating disasters, drunken nights, and love. This past Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) took us through a range of emotions—the beautiful wedding of Robin and Barney; the subsequent distance between friends based on time and life circumstances; the ending of Barney and Robin; Robin’s absences for the “big moments”; the death of the titular mother; and finally, a reconciliation of Ted, Robin, and the blue French horn.

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April 1, 2014

Shwood for Louisville Slugger Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


In honor of Opening Day 2014 and their 130 years in baseball, Louisville Slugger has teamed up with Shwood to create a brand new collection of limited edition sunglasses. Handcrafted by Shwood from Louisville Slugger’s own ash, the wooden frames appear in the “Shwood Select” and “Shwood Original” collections and come in your choice of a paint-dipped or flame-tempered treatment. The “Select” models even come packaged in a custom wood display crate alongside a limited edition baseball bat. The entirety of the tribute to America’s pastime is now available via Shwood’s online store.


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