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September 25, 2013

New York Film Festival Preview: THE DOG

by Curtis John


Tuesday, October 1, 8:15pm (Francesa Beale Theater)

Tuesday, October 8, 6:30pm (Howard Gilman Theater)

(only standby tickets available for both screenings)

Series:  Motion Portraits


Many don’t realize that the award-winning 1975 Al Pacino-starring Dog Day Afternoon, in which a man tries to rob a bank in Brooklyn to pay for his transgender lover’s sex change operation, is actually a true story. For the first time, the man behind that story, John “The Dog” Wojtowicz, reveals his unique life in the candid documentary The Dog, which shuffles between the 1960s, ’70s, and 2000s, using archival footage and original interviews to tell Dog’s own candid story.

The uncensored and self-described romantic, Dog, whose libido and love for both men and women is only outmatched by his arrogance, would come off like a jerk if he were not so funny and likeable. His wild personality makes you play close attention, especially when the filmmakers expertly balance Dog’s vivid exploits, like his involvement in New York’s gay liberation movement of the early 1970s and his solid relationship with his spunky mother Terry, from whom he definitely got his character. This duality that filmmakers Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren present to us, over 10 years in the making, is what makes this personal portrait so provocative. It is summed up perfectly by Berg as a “fucked-up Forrest Gump-like ride through John’s life story.”

Limité Rating: 4/5

Director: Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren

Cast: John Wojtowicz, Terry Wojtowicz, Carmen Bilfulco, George Heath

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

TRT: 101 min.


The 51st New York Film Festival runs from September 27 – October 13, 2013. 

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